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Think of a winter morning where you are relaxing in your warm bed, and you need to go out for a jog or gym. You are a bit lazy and want to wear something comfortable and warm. What would you prefer wearing; a jacket, sweater, or something else? Why not try a sweatshirt for men or men’s hoodies? Isn't it comfortable and warmer? At Bewakoof, we offer a wide variety of sweatshirts and hoodies that are not only super stylish but will also keep you warm and cozy when the temperature drops.

What are Sweatshirts? Are they in Trend?

If you think that sweatshirts come under a gym or exercise outfit, you don't know the trendy fashion of sweatshirts going on in the market. Firstly, a sweatshirt is a blessing and preferred choice for those who wish to stay stylish without compromising on comfort and secondly, for fitness freaks. It is a comfortable version of sweaters that are much more attractive and warmer. Technically, a men’s sweatshirt is much softer, which makes it comfortable. You may have a question about how is it made softer?

How is a Sweatshirt So Soft from the Inside?

There is a simple answer to this question. The inside portion of men’s sweatshirts or hoodies is made with fleece, which is later brushed, making it softer. This makes it an excellent choice for every occasion. If you wear them while working out, it will soak up the sweat without making you feel uneasy. Whereas if you wear it to school, college, or any small party, the soft fleece would never let you feel uncomfortable in any way. 

Depending on the type of sweatshirt or hoodie you pick at Bewakoof, they are made of either of these 2 fabrics: Midweight fleece comprising of 100% cotton. This keeps your sweatshirt, feeling soft and sturdy while offering maximum comfort. Single jersey comprising of 100% cotton. This is a classic, lightweight fabric that is perfect for when winter is just around the corner and you want to shield yourself from the cool winds. This fabric can comfortably be worn during summers as well.

Our sweatshirts and zipper style Hoodies can easily be dressed up for a more stylish look or worn casually for when you want to sit back and relax with your friends.

Now with that said, let's check out the popular styles and trends of hoodies for men. If you find any of these interesting and suited to what you wear, try them out.

Street Style: When this outfit was introduced, people started associating it with adolescents, especially the angry ones. With time, the designers put their imaginations on various fabrics and twisted men's sweatshirts so that if you wear them on a pair of jeans, you will still look good. Most of us have hoodies in our wardrobe because they are lifesavers when you need to dress in a hurry. 

Yes, you heard that right! Bewakoof’s Sweatshirts are one of those outfits that can be worn when you are in a rush, and the best part is you will look as good as ever. Now, most of the jackets in the market are sufficient to give our sweatshirts you a charming look you want. But if you wish to take it a bit further, try pairing it up with either a denim jacket or a bomber jacket. It will only make you look better. These colors will be contrasting and eye-catching. In addition to this, the outfit will also save you from the chilly breeze. You can also try out zipper hoodies with ripped jeans and sneakers.

Get the Stylish Look: Hoodies are often underrated, but if paired with the right piece of clothing, it can be stylish. Many people turn down wearing a sweatshirt just because it is too casual for them or it gives an athletic aesthetic to the wearer (obviously which they don't want.) But with a few tweaks, you can completely change the entire look of your attire.

To upgrade the casual look of a Bewakoof sweatshirt, pair it with a well-fitted pair of jeans, switch your sandals or flip-flops for some stylish Oxfords or loafers, don your classiest sunglasses and slip on your favorite sleek watch. You just transformed your plain sweatshirt to a stylish business casual attire.

Layered Look: You need to have layers of clothes during the winter season as you will be moving from a hot to a cold environment too often. According to experts, it is always better to wear layers and not heavy clothes. In this dress-up, you can wear a hoodie wherever you want, but make sure the color combination is good enough to bring out the most from your attire.

Sporty Look: You don't have to learn about this much because sweatshirts' style and fabric make it look sporty. Ideally, Bewakoof’s men's sweatshirts are made so that they give a sporty look when paired with sports shoes and a pair of pyjamas or joggers. We have seen a lot of development in menswear from the past few years, especially in the sports category. There are several designs, colors and much more.

So if you are also a stylish person, but more inclined towards wearing comfortable clothes, then our collection of men's sweatshirts and men’s hoodies are the best upper- wears for you. They can be paired with a lot of Lowers for Men. They are comfortable, soft, and sweat-absorber. So, check out Bewakoof hoodies for men online in India and find your next favorite pair. Also, do take a sneak peek at our other categories like Henley T-shirts, Vests and more. Happy Shopping!