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Buy Gym Shorts for Men Online at Lowest Price.

Summer and shorts are like twins who never showed up on the ultrasound. Everything seems a bit more relaxed and life is always at peace with the extreme breathability and lightness.

Today, a variety of brands offer a takeover of athleisure with a range of  stylish shorts for men. It’s tricky to select the perfect one. They are available in vibrant colors, prints, comic quotes, and unusual styles that you have not seen before. Different types of shorts for men are available at, and we suggest you must take a look. 

Stylish Shorts for Men

At, clothes come in all sizes. Check out the list and shop for the coolest, trendiest outfit for the season. For men, wearing shorts is more than just pulling them up and wrapping your waist. 

Often, men hold no distinct way to pick shorts they love. If it accentuates their style and defines the fit, it’s good to go. The sartorial sophistication of shorts was never present and will never be accepted. However, what is accepted by men is the comfort, the casual linen, and the way they sway with the personality. Picking shorts is no difficult task, and you just pick anything that holds your sight for long. From linen shorts, Bermuda shorts, half pants, swim shorts, to long shorts - choose the classic option for your knees and sway through the super casual days. 

Usually, shorts were seen worn by skater kids. However, with the acceptance of comfort in culture, long shorts introduced premium fabrics into mainstream fashion. What comes along with shorts’ styling is even more tempting. It is best to pair shorts with a close-toed shoe. Boaters and loafers are great for a casual existence. The best material during the heat is cotton, only if it is woven right. Cotton fabric is breathable and the easiest to clean. Athletic shorts are usually made from synthetic nylon or spandex.

Referring to men-shorts - they have become a modern classic way of men’s clothing with a rather impressive history. No man completes his wardrobe without shorts. What you need to look for is wearing them correctly.

Types of shorts

At Bewakoof, you get what you don’t get anywhere else. 

This entire category of small pants with a monkey style has left men with choices abandoning the classic way of wearing an outfit. Do you remember wearing elastic pants of late? Probably not. Elastic waist shorts, that more often than not, seep through the waistline while running are no longer the norm. Instead, classic shorts with great performance features available in vibrant colors, styles, comic prints are so tempting that people often choose to wear them anywhere and everywhere. Here are some of the best types of lowers for men available at Get your hands on and spur for your wardrobe collection:

Athletic shorts - Men also prefer calling them classic gym shorts or cycling shorts. These are the best picks for workouts and are usually paired with a tank top. These shorts come with a quick-dry feature and can be easily worn on the beach. 

Cargo Shorts - Summer leg bearers crave cargo shorts. It’s the lazy man’s summer wear for a trending summer vacay. Pair with printed T-shirts for men and cool flip flops. 

Retro running shorts - is all about fashion and talking of it, these shorts compliment the fun fashion look suitable for backyard Barbecue, a good workout, and also for chilling out with your friends. A loose T-shirt along with flip flops for men make a great pair, given the comfort they bring along. 

Walking shorts - These shorts are the most versatile of all. You can choose to pair them up with any T-shirts for Men or a crew neck sweater. Walking shorts complement each one of these items. You get a dignified nonchalant effect with the class of style, making you look more fashion-forward. 

Performance shorts - These fancy shorts are made from performance fabrics, precisely, cooling fibers, offering the most comfortable stretch of all time. They come with an easily identifiable feature, commonly with a zipper fly and pockets on both sides. These are the most comfortable ones and trust us, you can live in this. It gives a clean and modern outlook with the most Printed T-shirts.

Denim shorts - Those who prefer to live in jeans consider it as their official uniform. Well, consider these shorts a plus one- denim shorts bring the classic rugged cool look of denim jeans in a different form. Select from a wide array available at You can pair it with tribal print full sleeve T-shirts and sneakers.

Pleated Shorts - Pleated shorts are the most unfamiliar territory among men. Pleated shorts come with flat-front designs. The best part with pleated shorts is - they retain the shape irrespective of your posture. Anyone who’s thinking too much about the outfit and its movability should go for pleated shorts. Open collar Polo T-shirts work well with pleated shorts. 

Printed shorts - These are perhaps the most seen and the ones that never get old. They come in striped styles or some fun quirky prints. At, you find a wide array of designs. From double prints, stripes, comics to quotes, take your pick from the crazy collection at Shorts in black color and classic white are also common.


Wear shorts more often. Redefine the art of manliness with shorts. A man who plans to step towards the lighter node of clothing picks shorts. While selecting your favorite piece, make sure the comfiest ones are above your knee length.

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