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Buy Masks - Premium Printed Face Mask Online at Lowest Price

At this point in time Masks are the only safety barrier between us and potentially life-threatening diseases and Protective Reusable Masks is what the country needs right now. Lives are at stake and there is an acute sense of urgency on meeting the shortage of masks. From hospitals, health organizations to families and kids, everyone needs face masks. It is advised to wear a mask whenever outdoors.

Looking for a good and reliable Face Mask for Men & Women that will keep you protected?

Well, you’ll certainly find masks online, but the question is, will it be a good mask for pollution and the plethora of other viruses, will it keep you safe, will it be delivered to you safe? That’s exactly why a Bewakoof safety mask was made - to deliver safety, safely.

All That You Need to Know About A Bewakoof Pollution Mask

Bewakoof mask is a 2-layer washable and reusable mask suitable for all weather conditions. The outer layer is made of heavy fabric to filter dust particles and germs. The inner layer is made of soft fabric that is comfortable on the face and helps in managing moisture.

The outdoor masks are ideal for daily use and ensure protection against dust, smoke, and other polluting elements. Special attention has been given to fit because we understand that people may have to wear these for long hours. Our reusable face masks have been designed to ensure maximum comfort in breathing.

Highlights of the Printed Masks:

  • 2 Layer design
  • Universal fit
  • Washable and reusable
  • Soft inner layer for comfort
  • Soft ear loops for a comfortable and soft grip
  • Flat-fold design for easy storage
  • Easy to carry in pockets

Why you need a Bewakoof Stylish Mask

  • Protection All Along:
    Featuring a 2 layer filtration system, the reusable face masks are a reliable outdoor companion. The outer layer keeps dust particles away while the inner layer manages moisture.

  • All-weather Friendly:
    Our outdoor masks are carefully designed to be used during all weather and promise maximum utility and breathability in any weather condition. These cause no heat build up and eyewear fogging.

  • Comfortable fit:
    One mask fits all. Easy to wear and adjust. Soft elastic ear loops for a comfortable grip. Accommodates maximum facial mobility.

  • Washable & Reusable:
    The Pollution Mask is a washable face mask and can be reused and washed until it starts wearing out or for a maximum of 30 times. Whatever comes first.
    Note - In case of tear in any layer, immediately replace the mask with new pollution masks.

Instructions on using Reusable Masks after one use:

  1. Thoroughly wash and clean the reusable masks before wearing it.

  2. Wash your hands thoroughly before wearing the mask.

  3. As soon as the mask becomes damp or humid, switch to another mask and wash the mask used.

  4. Never reuse an anti-pollution mask after even a single-use without washing it.

Wash Care And Maintenance

  • Only Hand Wash our washable face mask. Do not machine wash it.

  • Do not use Bleach. The fabric color will wash off when it comes in contact with bleach.

  • Do not tumble dry it in a washing machine. It will wrinkle up the fabric and cause the material to become fussy.

  • Avoid using any heat treatment or an Iron on the mask.

  • These are made for multiple reuses and naturally do not require dry cleaning.

  • Dry the mask the old fashioned way by hanging in the shade. Do not expose the mask to direct sunlight.

Wear In 4 Easy Steps

Step 1: Hold ear strings in one hand each creating a concave.

Step 2: Place the concave on your face in such a way that your nose, mouth and chin fill the concave cavity.

Step 3: Pull the strings over your ear, securing the mask in place.

Step 4: Adjust the fabric over the nose so that it sits on the tip of your nose bridge, ensuring the perfect fit and no leakage.

When and Where can one Wear our Outdoor Mask?

  • This mask is a perfect outdoor campaign and can be worn on a walk or a jog.

  • While making a quick trip to the grocery store and even when visiting the general clinic for a medical check up.

  • When traveling from one state or city to another.

  • Commute to work, college, school, academy etc.

  • To the gym, for morning yoga or a quick cycling session in the park.

  • On duty in public places.


  • Pollution Mask or surgical mask should not be shared between people. Made for single use only.

  • In case of difficulty in breathing replace the mask with a new mask.

  • Improper use of the mask may cause health risks.

Now you know where you can find a reliable and safe mask online. Get your Bewakoof Protective Mask now!

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