Winter Wear


Who doesn’t love winter right? Especially as Indians, we tend to wait for winters enthusiastically! Although in most parts of the country, Indian winters tend to be more of a subdued version of summer, there are other parts that allow us to enjoy trendy winter wear of our choice. Considering how diverse we are in terms of weather conditions, it wouldn’t have been right for us to make our Autumn/Winter collection not so diverse. Shop from Bewakoof’s diversified range of winter clothes. Our sundry assemblage of winter clothes includes alluring winter wear for women and winter wear for men alike!

Winter Clothes for Women

Winter fashion for women has been talked about and worked up on since time immemorial. Designers from all over the world come up with their creative ideas for the fall and winter collection every year. There’s a direct head on correlation between demand and supply. Women all over the world wear winter clothes with much gusto! After all, who wouldn’t enjoy wearing different varieties of overcoats, boots and Jackets for Men and Women as a part of their daily attire, right? Available in a variety of colors, designs, prints and patterns, customers are often left spoilt for choice. We too have tapped into the same arena to spoil our homeland shoppers with a long queue of winter wear.

Here are some of the pieces that will definitely catch your attention!

Olive Plain Puffer Jacket with Detachable Hood: More on the monochromatic neutral olive spectrum, this olive plain puffer jacket is the most appropriate choice of winter clothing when trying to bring the puffer jacket outfit look to the forefront. Pair it with a crop tube or spaghetti top underneath the jacket. T-shirts too look really great with this piece. Bring the whole outfit together by wearing a crisp pair of jeans and heeled sneakers or boots. This undoubtedly has to be the most chic yet casual look from our winter wear for women range. Available in pink, orange and orange, you can choose your pick.

Red Plum Zipper Bomber Jacket: Winters are often considered incomplete without colors like red, maroon and plum. These are essentially fall shades & used more often during the colder months. After all these colors are also the most sought after colors during Christmas and winter = Christmas, isn’t it? Wouldn’t be wrong to say that Santa set the norm for us through his uniform & we ended up tweaking it just a bit. Team it with our Space Grey Women's Half Sleeve High Neck Pocket Dress & a pair of thigh high boots to make heads turn! Get this whole outfit under Rs.1,699/-

Alpha Green Raglan Sleeve Fleece Sweater + Alpha Green Color Block Jogger: Be the alpha that you are and set an example for those around you. Team our alpha green raglan sleeve fleece sweater along with our alpha green color block joggers to form a coord. We all know how popularized the coord look has become off late. Right from Hollywood A listers to vloggers and influencers, we see it on pretty much everyone. However, don’t just copy them or buy any random coords available in the online stores! Form your own high quality look. We are all aware of the quality most online stores sell when it comes to coords and at affordable rates. Do not compromise on quality. You can get both, style + quality at the price of one, and that’s exactly what we’re offering. Form your own set under 1500!

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Winter Clothes for Men

Just like for women, we have a crazy collection of winter clothes men too. Read on to discover what makes our parade of winter wear for men HOT AF (as fire), wink. Right from jackets to sweatshirts for men, you can have it all.

PS: Hoodies for men now starting at Rs.599/- only!

Jet Black Full Sleeve Henley T-shirt + Dim grey slim fit cotton chino pants: Can you think of a better combination than the classic Henley and chinos combination? These 2 items go along like a perfect marriage. Style the whole outfit with a pair of casual shoes and a cool pair of shades. Dapper much? Made with cotton, this outfit is sure to keep you snug and warm on hot but cold winter days! Dress to impress only with Bewakoof.

Grey Camo Two Block Puffer Jacket: Gone are the days of spending 5 to10 thousands of rupees on one single puffer jacket. Our aim was to make puffer jackets available for everyone and we’ve done it. You can now buy this winter essential for just Rs.1999 for non TriBe members & Rs.1799 for TriBees. Available in camo print and solid colors like Blue, Grey, Black and Sangria, you’re sure to find your match. So if you’ve been looking for this one since long but didn’t have the heart to shell out a treasure? You know where to shop now! In case you’ve been searching for sleeveless puffer jackets then don’t forget to check out our Jet Black Plain Sleeveless Puffer Jacket with Detachable Hood.

Red Anti Varsity Bomber Jacket: The bomber jacket was an ingrained part of the military clothing initially. IT eventually crawled its way into pop culture through punk styles. This jacket serves the purpose of keeping military men light and warm both at the same time. Being the versatile piece that it is, no doubts it made its way into high fashion too. Initially available in limited colors, it is now available in various varieties, right from solid hues to quirky prints. Shop our Red Anti Varsity Bomber Jacket, style it with white T-shirt, black jeans and white sneakers to look straight out of hollywood!

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