Women's Boxer Shorts


Women’s Boxer Shorts

Boxer shorts are the most comfortable pieces when it comes to dressing down for women. Be it any weather, mood, or occasion, your go-to for comfort is a nice fitted pair of ladies’ boxer shorts in quirky prints and styles. Bewakoof’s new range of Women’s Boxers is sure to leave you spellbound with its unique style and colorful prints. Small and cute, a perfect fit even for women, these boxers are bound to make you feel confident in your own skin and instill within you a new sense of style and gaiety.

There’s no doubt that boxer shorts are the most beloved piece for all women. Whether it’s their versatility in terms of the hippie prints and colors or the breathable and extremely comfortable fabric, you will love these boxer shorts! 

Bewakoof’s range caters to all your needs in terms of colors, prints, and styles at extremely affordable prices. Whether it's a walk down the breezy lane at night or a sleepover with your girlfriends, you are certain to leave your marks wherever you go. Be it cute paw prints, baby dolphins, or just some monochromes, these girls’ boxers pairing it up with tops or anything stylish top-wear matches all your moods in eccentric styles, no matter the shape, the size, or the occasion.

Even though the boxer shorts have ruled the sleepwear section of clothing ever since it was designed, the wide variety, availability, and imperfect garment construction may, at times, bluff you. The trick to finding the right pair of ladies boxers is to go for the right brand, print, and style that suits you and your personality so much so that it speaks your mood out aloud as soon as you enter into a room full of nightwear. Bewakoof has a range of women’s boxers to help you with just that.

Will I Find These Quirky Ladies Boxers In My Size?

Definitely! At Bewakoof, we understand that some of you like a snug fit boxer while others may prefer to keep it all breezy and loose. Hence, we are enraptured to cater to all your comfort levels and offer these cute and colorful girls’ boxer shorts in sizes ranging from S, M, L, XL, and 2XL. You can find yourself the perfect fit aesthetically and proportionally by referring to the size chart and the sorting filter.

Is the Fabric Comfortable and Sustainable?

At Bewakoof, your comfort is our top priority. While we understand that the colors and prints do consist of a major portion of the customer's rational buying decision, it is the comfort that they seek for the most. Hence, these ladies’ boxer is made from 100% cotton poplin fiber, which is not only comfortable but also lasts longer. Since sleepwear goes through the most wear and tear, we do realize that you might be wanting to invest in a piece of sleepwear that would last more than just a few washes both in terms of the fabric and print. Hence, the cotton poplin fiber not only provides comfort but also doesn’t fade out easily. So, you will have made the right investment.

What Range does Bewakoof Offer?

Our dolphin hemmed women’s boxer shorts come in a variety of colors and prints. Ranging from stripes to polka dots to cute Mickey mouse prints and even solid monochromes. Bewakoof’s range serves all purposes and is available in all sizes, not just in boxers, but from S to XXXL T-shirts for Women and more, that too in all versatility, which makes you feel elated while maintaining the comfort levels. Do not ever shy away from picking the most eccentric piece, which makes your heart pound and steals everyone's breath away as you glide through the corridors. The boxers are pocket-friendly, too!

Why Should I Choose Bewakoof for Online Shopping?

We, at Bewakoof, not only understand your needs and your crazily beautiful outlook on life but also at the same time get how important it is for you to afford all that you love at the right bargain. We value your commitment towards us and the trust with which you continue shopping with us. So, every time you log in, our team of millennial designers who connect with you both on the mental and cultural level, make sure that you do not leave empty-handed or dejected; which we strive to continue by giving our 100% in the years to come to assist you in your shopping sprees.

How Do I Style These?

They say how you dress is a reflection of how you feel, and if you go to bed feeling comfortable and happy with what you are in, you wake up the next morning with that same spirit. However, when it comes to styling our boxers for women, you can style it in different ways depending upon the mood and occasion they cater to as there is nothing wrong or right when it comes to sleepwear. 

You cannot over-or under-do your night look. For instance, at a sleepover, you can dress our cute-printed boxers with a statement bold color strappy spaghetti top. On days when you feel like you deserve a better world and Netflix backed by an ice-cream tub is your knight in shining armor, you can let loose with an oversized printed boyfriend T-shirt and our solid-colored boxers.

We hope our wide range of ladies’ boxer shorts cater to all your needs and moods and you are able to find yourself the right fit, the right style, the right price at the right place. At the end of the day, fashion is a form of self-expression, and it cannot be boiled down to a few options that would sweep everyone off their feet. However, a few suggestions can definitely help you discover your own style and oomph-up your confidence and comfort to newer achievable levels. So, go ahead, be comfortable, and quirky with the darling of all sleepwear. But do not forget to check out our other awesome collections like Dresses, Mobile Covers, Graphic Boards and more. Happy Shopping!