Sweatshirts & Hoodies for Women


Sweatshirts & Hoodies for Women

What is more satisfying than owning a chic, casual sweatshirt, or a hoodie? A hoodie or sweatshirt can turn out as a complete fashion statement if you pair it up with some trendy joggers, pants, or skirts. You can easily flaunt with style while being in your comfort zone.

You can add some funky styles to your wardrobe with Bewakoof’s super comfy hoodies for girls. Find women sweatshirts and hoodies with some fantastic graphics and quotes that are made with the finest quality of the fabric. Check out the various color options and buy your favorite ‘style on the go’!

If you are still thinking about holding these styles, you must read further to make your style statement.

Know about your hoodie & sweatshirt:

The Sweatshirts came into the limelight during the hip-hop culture of the ’70s and ’80s in European countries. These came out as an iconic, versatile garment that is now added to the everyday classic. Both sweatshirts and hoodies are loose garments, but a hoodie has a hood attached to cover the head. You can certainly analyze your school hoodie’s transition with a logo to the fashionable and trendy variations of sweatshirts now.

We know you want to be comfortable, and in the quest to find a sweatshirt that keeps you cozy, you often end up compromising on style. But with Bewakoof’s hoodies, you don’t have to pick one over the other! Our hoodies for women are created to make sure that style and comfort go hand in hand. From pastels, bold, and fun colors to funky prints and stylish designs, our sweatshirts will have you looking and feeling your best. Pick a hoodie or sweatshirt that complements your personal style and wrap yourself in the soft fabric that will make it difficult for you to take it off at the end of the day.

Some styling tricks to enhance your look with a Women's sweatshirt:

Our sweatshirts for women are designed for every look. We do believe in creating styles that can cater to all your moods. Therefore, we introduce you to designs that have prints, neutral or bright colors, and contemporary chested prints.

Pair the plain colored sweatshirt or hoodie with a pair of baggy jeans. We offer the ever-fashionable neons to soothing colors (red, pink, blue, orange, yellow, green, grey, violet, black, browns) with round necks or hoods. Our sweatshirts for girls are available in the best sizes (XS, X, XL, 2XL, 3XL) for all body types. Don’t worry, you pretty young curvy ladies, and we know you can pull out any look with grace. Pair the sweatshirt or hoodie with skinny jeans and sneakers. It will turn out as a super comfortable combo for the day.

We know it’s a great dilemma to pull out an outfit for a night party in winter chills. You can do it easily with Bewakoof’s sweatshirt for ladies. Try it over your denim skirt, and you will never go wrong. Pair it with your favorite heels. Bang on with style.

Unleash your inner superhero with our special range of superhero badge hoodies for women or keep it simple and chic with black or a white sweatshirt over a shirt The classic colors, funky logos and fashionable prints will surely uplift your mood.

Below are some outfit ideas and styling tips to help you narrow down your choices.

Outfit no. 1 - Wealthy Woman Aesthetic! Our White Fleece Light Sweatshirt is elegance personified. Channel the inner equestrian in you & show the world who’s in charge! Pair this white fleece sweatshirt with a light blue shirt underneath it, as shown in the picture on our website. Finish the look with clean, well fitted white jeans and a pair of classy loafers.

To add additional personality to this outfit, accessorize the outfit with some dainty gold jewelry and a metallic watch. Sunglasses and small backpacks will take the whole lookup by a notch. Made of 100% cotton jersey fabric, this sweatshirt won’t suffocate you even a bit. Comfort and warmth, both at the price of one. So welcome the snuggle weather in style only with Bewakoof.

Outfit no. 2 - Bold & Young! We only get one life and it should be well lived. Do what you set your heart on, and while you’re at it, do it with all your might. That’s our vision when we make men's and women's clothing alike. We want our buyers to feel alive in our clothes. Shop for Alpha Green Fleece Hoodie from Bewakoof’s entourage of women hoodies online.

Team it up with a pair of black comfy jeans and ankle length boots to set out on a never ending adventure. If this is your go to style then our black hoodies women collection too is bound to tickle your fancy! Whether it’s printed, camo, quotes, raglan, emo, cute, funky, quirky or basic, we have it all together in one place. 

Outfit no. 3 - Parisian Chic! We all know at least one person in our life who’s a big fan of everything French. If you or someone who’s dear to you happen to love the Parisian Chic style, then you have to get your hands on the Galaxy Blue Fleece Hoodie. Such hooded Jackets for Women are a highly versatile pieces that can either be dressed up or down! To dress up like a French Girl, all you need to do is

  • Firstly, let your hair down. Frenchies are all about embracing your natural beauty.

  • Get into a cool pair of loose and straight cut white jeans ripped at the hem

  • Get your feet into a pair of clean white sneakers

  • And a super funky handbag or purse

  • Lastly, to finish the look, don’t forget to wear a very feminine pair of sunglasses & voila!

  • Comfort, style, bang for money - check!

Outfit no. 4 - Rock n’ Rolla Chicka! Take your inner hawt as smoke, rock and roller girl on a ride around town in our Dark Gull Grey Fleece Zipper Hoodies! Style these sweatshirts for women with black leather pants (it’s winter so might as well take this opportunity to wear leather pants), a black choker, some really cool oxidized rings, and black stud earrings. To bring the whole look together, wear a pair of ankle length black boots and a black chunky metallic sling bag!

Why have a sweatshirt or a hoodie on your wish list:

hoodies for women are super easy to put on and convert into perfect comfy attire. Here is why a sweatshirt can be easily dressed up or dressed down and made suitable for every occasion - It is a casual yet elegant garment.

  • Easy to wear and wash

  • Available in various colors and sizes (exclusively on Bewakoof)

  • Can be paired with any bottoms

Most of the time, we do ignore the comfort of a kangaroo pocket in a hoodie but when chilly winter winds arrive, you crave for cozy pockets to bury your hands in... At Bewakoof, we value the importance of pockets and therefore provide you with classic evergreen hoodies for women who have soft pockets to carry small items or keep their hands warm when the mercury dips

Available in a regular fit, the sweatshirt and hoodies are made with mid-weight fleece and 100% cotton jersey fabric. So, you get the maximum warmth with a soft texture.

The winter garment needs supervised care to maintain quality. Hence, we provide wash care instructions so that you don’t miss any point. The sweatshirt and hoodie can be your long term partner. It will accompany you in your toughest and roughest winter moments!

Sweatshirt for Women -The perfect winter partner:

Girls always seek a fashionable and all-star garment that complements their personality. We know Indian winters are tremendously freezing and fierce. Wearing multiple layers is something that makes you look bulky. You can shop hoodies for women online with Bewakoof that provides maximum warmth and softness. It will keep you comfortably warm and protected for the entire winter season.

Are you a fitness freak or want to burn some calories? Go and grab a perfect hoodie or sweatshirt for women in your favorite color. We have them all. They will look unbeatable with your track pants. Are you going out to a party? Athleisure is on-trend. We know our sweatshirt and hoodie can be your lifesaver.

From college wear to crisp office wear, we have got all the styles to experiment with your looks. Choose well from the size chart. We have so many sizes that hug your body effortlessly. However, if you ever made a wrong call on a size, we offer 15 days refund policy.

For us, quality matters the most. The sweatshirts for ladies are carefully designed with supreme quality fabrics that are durable and sustainable as well. The fleece or cotton-blend jersey fabric is just phenomenal for sweatshirts.

We offer a smooth experience to sort the items according to your preference. The sort button segregates your favorite women’s hoodies and sweatshirts in terms of price and popularity.

With the filter option, you can assuredly find multiple colors, sizes, necklines, and designs. So, hurry up and start making your wish list. You can simply log in to get more updates about new designs. Buy them before they run out of stock!